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Liturgy (services): The Rosary

Do you ever find your mind wandering when your hands are busy?


Do you ever find yourself fidgeting when you are trying to sit quietly to pray?


If either of these are true,

then it may be that the Rosary is the perfect prayer to help you. 


The Rosary is a prayer which looks at the events of the life of Jesus through the eyes of Our Lady.  These are the events which she saw, the pain and suffering which she witnessed her son undergo.


By occupying our minds and our hands, we can concentrate on the mysteries of Jesus’ life and enter ever more deeply into a wonderful understanding of all He did for us.


The Rosary focusses on the events of Jesus’ life and encourages us to see them from the perspective of his Blessed mother.  Mary saw her son undergo torture, she saw him die.  The church witnesses to the resurrection life of Christ in obedience to his command and because that life was itself witnessed by those who knew him and loved him. 


There are a set of meditations which follow themes of the Lord’s life, these are called the Mysteries and each consists of five episodes from our unfolding understanding of Jesus.  There is a cycle which can be followed as some find it helpful to know that they are united with Christians throughout the world in their devotion. 

At St Mary's we offer the Rosary on one Sunday each month at 5pm.  Check the weekly Mass Book for more information. 

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