The Church of England and the Diocese of Rochester provide guidance on safeguarding matters and these are applied in St Mary's. 

All those working with children or vulnerable adults are required to conform to safeguarding policies.  In particular, we require current certificates to be in place and all those working in this area must co-operate fully with these procedures.

If you have concerns about safeguarding, you can contact Toni Roast, our Safeguarding Officer.  She can be contacted via email at

safeguarding @

(you will need to remove the spaces before and after the '@' to make the address work.)

You can also see Toni after the Sunday Mass.  Further information is available in the church's narthex. 

Toni is the only individual who has access to any email you send through this address: the mail system is operated by an external provider and does not allow anyone else to see what you send.