Hiring the Hall

As of September 2021, the hall is in use as a vaccination centre, hired by the NHS.  It is therefore not available for hire for the foreseeable future.  St Mary's is not administering, nor responsible for, the Vaccination Centre and all enquiries regarding that must be directed to the NHS. 

When not in use by the NHS, our small hall is ideal for children's parties or a gathering of a few. 


In the past we have hosted:

  • Tuesday and Friday Bingo groups,

  • the Women's Institute,

  • Sunbeams our (now closed) daily pre-school, 

  • our Wednesday Coffee Morning,

  • a Wednesday Zumba class,

  • The monthly Saturday St Mary's Fellowship

We have had a couple of spaces for evenings and afternoons and on Saturdays and Sundays we were offering 1.30-3.30pm for children's parties.  We don't offer regular or evening lets on Saturday or Sunday.