Hiring the Hall

As of July 2021, the Church Council is expecting to re-open the hall for letting from early September but no date has as yet been fixed. 

Our small hall is ideal for children's parties or a gathering of a few. 


During the week we host:

  • Tuesday and Friday Bingo groups,

  • the Women's Institute on the first Tuesday,

  • Sunbeams our daily pre-school, 

  • our Wednesday Coffee Morning,

  • a Wednesday Zumba class,

  • The monthly Saturday St Mary's Fellowship

We have a couple of spaces for evenings and afternoons.

On Saturdays and Sundays we offer 1.30-3.30pm for children's parties.  We don't offer regular or evening lets on Saturday or Sunday.

For more information,

speak to Nicky on 07821 005632.