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Sat Navs will take you to Oliver Road, you need to be near the Asda and Aldi stores to find us. 
The map co-ordinates 51.397176, 0.172023 are for the car park entrance.

A "What 3 Words" reference close to our car park gates is:


St Mary's Vicarage, London Road, SWANLEY, Kent, BR8 7AQ

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The Car Park

The car park is accessible from St Mary's Road.  It is used at your own risk!  There are no separate disabled parking bays but there is a ramp at the gate end of the pathway and wheelchair users may find it more convenient to park close to that, rather than at the front entrance. 

The Church Car Park is private land and its basic use is restricted to those attending services in church.  We do, however, choose to share it with visitors to the churchyard regularly.  We have decided that we do not want to offer any form of all-day or extended parking and so to prevent this the car park is usually kept locked shut in the mornings: we aim to open it at around 12 noon but sometimes it will be much later if we have a funeral or other service, as church services take priority over any other uses of the car park.  The car park will usually be closed once the final activity in the church or the hall has finished.  There has been some parking which has proved very inconvenient so we are having to shut it in this way: one alternative is to hand it over to a private enforcement company and charge for its use 24 hours a day 7 days a week, imposing a maximum stay.  We are at present choosing not to do this but it does remain an option. 


During holiday periods, the car park will not normally be available before 12 noon at the earliest.  If you are visiting the churchyard, 90 minutes free parking is available in Aldi (provided you enter your registration on the machines inside the store) and 3 hours free parking at Asda. 


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