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Lots of people have pictures around their homes or on social media: they are a reminder of happy times past and they bring to mind those we love.

In church, we don't have photographs going back to the very earliest Christians, and yet we want to remember those who have gone before us.  When we pray before a statue, we are not praying to the wood or plaster, we are praying to God, using the statue to focus our prayers on a human example of love, faith, courage or some other quality which unites us with our creator.  At St Mary's we teach that the saints are those who are now in the very presence of God and as such are able to pray for us, so we can ask them to join their prayers with ours but again, we are not praying TO them, we are praying to God, asking for the help of the saints - those who know what it is to celebrate the final victory over death which Jesus promises to us. 

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