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Holy Water

Becoming a Christian is straightforward: we begin our journey by being Baptized - another word for this is Christened. 

When we are Baptized, water is poured upon us and the words: 'I baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit' are used. 

After our baptism, at St Mary's we have the opportunity to use holy water to sign ourselves with the Cross as we enter the church.  Some people also use it when they leave.

Water is the thing we need to keep us alive: we can survive for quite a long time without food, but without water we die very quickly.  So we need water to live.

Unfortunately, too much water is a threat to us.  Too much and we can drown.

In Baptism we die to our sins and come out of the water ready for a new life: we are washed clean. 

Holy Water is often used at funerals and also we sprinkle holy water during the Easter season as a reminder of the new life which Christ began for us. 

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