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Coronavirus Co-vid19

All public worship in the Church of England is now suspended until further notice.  Every evening at 7pm, we would encourage you to light a candle or other light for half an hour to signify your unity with others.  Every day at 10am, Fr Dane will offer Mass and we would encourage everyone to say some prayers at this time and know we are part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, joined in prayer if not in the same place. 


For Palm Sunday, this Sunday's, Mass Book click here for single pages or here for a printable booklet.  A form of Evening Prayer adapted from the Book of Common Prayer will be available in the afternoon on Palm Sunday, along with an order for the saying of the Rosary.  For the April Newsletter click here.  For some video reflections, you can go to the About What We Do page and scroll down; on the same page you can also find an audio file of the Passiontide hymn to help with the recitation of Evening Prayer. 

Serving Swanley since 1901

St Mary the Virgin Swanley serves the town of Swanley, building up the Kingdom of God through Word, Sacrament and service.  It is firmly anchored in the Anglo-Catholic tradition of the Church of England and is a Forward in Faith parish, under the Episcopal care of the Bishop of Richborough.

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Making sure the whole Church family is safe is an important part of what we do here.  Full details can be found here.

Daily Prayers

A useful rule of life can involve the saying of prayers each day when we wake and before we go to sleep. These prayers don't have to be long, in a set form or use big words.  Some people find a daily routine helps them and others do prefer having a set of prayers which they know other Christians throughout the world are using.  One such resource is called Universalis and on this site you'll find prayers for the whole day - along with the readings used at Mass - which are shared by Christians throughout the world.

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We are a family of faith

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Our faith is centred on Jesus Christ
and his sacrifice for us.

We seek to live the love of God which is given to us in the Lord.

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